Eve Martin

Performance Designer

Eve Martin is a set and costume designer for theatre, graduating with a first class degree from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2020 and specialising in text-based work. Eve grew up in Oxford and is now based in the South West. Her theatre work is supported by a passion for fine art and art history.

As a designer, I draw on a breadth of technical and creative skillsets to establish the language through which a story is told, collaborating with performers and directors to draw audiences into new worlds. The duality of what is real and what is understood to be real on stage is the key strength of theatre and central to my design practice.” – Eve Martin, Balance Catalogue 2020

She was just brilliant, I feel like we got a wealth of work done. I was really impressed with the level she was already working at, not only in a very high standard of model making, but also in design. I was able to throw all sorts of design problems at her and give her the free reign to come back to me with ideas, most of which will certainly end up on stage.” – Tom Pye, set and costume designer